Software Engineer

week 9

  • This week, I worked on my (work) goals for the next half of the year. Yes, I realize it’s the end of July already, but things are hard. In some ways, it’s a bit easier to write goals for my current role than in previous IC roles, as I can more closely tie them to business needs. In other ways, it’s challenging because the goals are a bit more daunting and nebulous.
  • I stumbled across Anti-Patterns for Influencing as an Individual Contributor this week and the reminder not to rush to solve a problem really resonated with me. Sometimes I feel like as soon as I hear about a problem, it needs to be addressed immediately, but that’s not always the case.
  • We’ve kicked off an internal Engineering Design Review process and I’m figuring out ways to increase visibility and encourage participation… I wonder if there is some magic solution out there to solve organizational discovery issues that I’m missing.
  • I’m becoming a bit more embedded in a (cross-functional) team, which feels really good. I really value having folks to bounce ideas off of, and I’ve been lone wolf-ing it for a little bit too much this summer. Looking forward to an autumn full of collaboration. 🍂