Software Engineer

week 7

  • I missed a week of week notes. So does that mean it’s week 7, or week 8? Does week 7 just disappear into the abyss?
  • A project I spent a good amount of time working on over the past year or so “launched” last week. I use “launched” in quotes since it was more of an announcement that folks can sign up for early access while the team continues to build out the remaining features. Nevertheless, it was exciting to see it launch and see how excited customers were for the feature.
  • Also, this week, GitHub Copilot was announced and I’m so excited! I’ve been using it for a couple months now and it is amazing. It’s going to make writing typescript so much less intimidating. 😅
  • My increment print edition bundle arrived this week, and I’m so excited to read through all the content! The design of the print edition is fantastic and is really encouraging me to actually read, rather than just letting it collect dust on a shelf. I also got a shipment of more traditional books – going to be reading some Martin Fowler.
  • I helped a friend get a personal page up this week, using Hugo and GitHub Pages. I thought it was going to be just as simple as this Jekyll site, but there was a bit more setup required. A good reminder to always RTFM…