Software Engineer

week 5

  • I got to do some prototyping this week, and found that using Codespaces made it super easy to test out a webhook I was building. I was able to receive a webhook in my test app by just exposing the URL as a public port. 🤯 Why bother with a code review or deployment or ngrok to test out an approach when you can just use a Codespace.
  • I had some interesting conversations this week about my role and some of the challenges we face as a large engineering organization. I am trying to lean into the unknown unknowns and am on quite the learning journey.
  • As things are opening up and I’m reconnecting with friends and favorite establishments, I’m finding that I look forward to the evenings I’ve chosen to stay at home. I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise.
  • This past weekend, I was part of a video shoot for an upcoming product demo. I found watching the first cut to be really challenging – it’s hard not to be super self-critical.
  • My only experience in the restaurant industry was at Crook’s Corner, in Chapel Hill, as a hostess. This week, they closed their doors. I am incredibly disappointed. I learned so much there, about food, and Chapel Hill history, and countless skills. (Being a hostess is really hard.) I’m sad I didn’t get to go before they closed and enjoy the food and environment one last time. And devastated for the staff.