Software Engineer

week 3

  • A couple weeks ago, I installed the Tabby Cat Chrome extension. Every couple days, you get some new “goodies” that you can accessorize your animal with. I am embarrassed at how happy it makes me to see a cute bunny every time I open a new tab. Thanks to Denise for the recommendation! 🐰
  • My yearly review is due on Monday, so I’ve been doing lots of reflection. Our review template asks us to cover “results” and “behaviors that led to the results” in separate sections, but my brain wants to summarize those together. It’s also a good reminder to measure everything. 😉
  • I finally set up a custom domain for this site. Whew, it’s been a while since I’ve had to deal with DNS. 😅 GitHub pages made it really easy, though.
  • I’ve been doing some reading on IPFS this week. Interesting stuff…