Software Engineer

week 2

  • I learned a little bit about supply chain security this week for open source. Fascinating stuff. The new SLSA Framework from Google is a really interesting project and I found this deep dive on Helm to be somewhat mind boggling.
  • I also enjoyed this juicy read about a group at University of Minnesota getting banned from contributing to the Linux kernel. I think I’m siding with the maintainers on this one.
  • This read about productivity hacking was interesting. I definitely have discussed “passion-mode” and “coast-mode” with managers before and see a lot of value in the concept. Nice to have a name to put to the idea.
  • This week, I organized a number of pairing sessions to help get more engineers involved in some performance work – I paired interested folks up with some engineers with a bit more experience in the space and each pairing session resulted in a PR and great feedback from the attendees. Now I’m noodling on a lightning talk about the various barriers that pairing can break down…