Software Engineer

week 1

  • My colleague and friend, Lere, inspired me to start writing weeknotes. I want to spend more time reflecting on what I’ve learned and help shift my mindset to focus on the bigger picture.
  • I’m giving a presentation on “highly impactful code review” on Monday and have been spending the week preparing. A trusted mentor helped me better articulate the “why” and vision of the presentation. Learning: I’m great at communicating the tactical “how” behind a process, but the strategic “why” needs some… work. Rubber ducking isn’t good just for coding, but for presentations, too!
  • I enjoyed reading about two very different approaches to scaling video transcoding last week. Netflix’s “more synchronous workflows” approach is much different take from YouTube’s “build a custom chip”. So cool to see similar(-ish) problems being solved in such different ways.
  • Related to video transcoding, the video upload project I worked on at the end of 2020 has finally shipped and is generally available on GitHub. Happy to see it over the finish line!